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Campana Goohs Glaze

The delectable glaze is the creation Marc Goohs. His creative talents served him well over the years and his passion for cooking and creating culinary delights produced this amazing glaze that has been in constant demand from family and friends. As a little Boy Marc was drawn to cooking by his grandmother~Joan M. Goohs. She would inspire his passion for cooking. Often he would spend Friday Nights at Grandma Gooh's house and would be joined by his uncle Scotti Campana who was only 9 months older. They loved the way Grandma Goohs would take the time and patience to teach them her way around the kitchen. One of their favorite memories was waking up on Saturday mornings to her homemade strawberry jam spread with love across a piece of toast. The Campana Goohs Glaze is dedicated with LOVE from Scotti & Marc to Grandma Goohs. Thank you Grandma Goohs for all the Love and wonderful Memories!!!

Ingredients: brown sugar, pineapple juice, filtered water, onions, tamari (water, soybeans, salt, alcohol). pineapples, cider vinegar, garlic, tapioca syrup, modified food starch, ginger, garlic powder CONTAINS: soy

Tastes like home made!

My family loves the Campana Family Spaghetti Sauce. What we love most about it is how fresh it tastes. I find when I use other jar sauces I need to add additional spices to make it taste more "homemade". The Campana Sauce tastes like it was just freshly made for us!

Chris Hutz Rodriguez

Time to stock up!

Scotti your sauce is so good I can close my eyes and I am sitting at your grandmother table enjoying a great meal.............God bless you for sharing this delish sauce .

Lynda Tornabene Reiter

Simply Amazing...

So the wife and i used your spaghetti sauce last week and i’m convinced that this sauce is ANOINTED!!!!!!

Terrence “Tee” Moore

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