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The best Spaghetti Sauce in Town

My son Ryan and I Love Campana’s Spaghetti and Wing Sauces but we recently had the Pizza Sauce and Campana’s Domenica’s Cucuzza WOW Great Products!!! I also tried the Campana’s Bloody Mary Recipe using the Wing Sauce Hot incredible!!!

Doug & Ryan George

Tastes like home made!

I first tried Campana's pasta sauce two months ago. Since then I stop buying all of the other brands I was using. Then I tried to wing sauce which I now mix into the pasta sauce for a spicy or effect. I love the sauces I cook with them often they stick to the pasta like no other sauce of used before and the flavor is excellent! I would highly recommend using a buying the sauce it is now my go to for any Italian cooking

Brian Desind

MID'S Super Healthy Turkey Chili

I purchased Campana Pasta sauce to taste authentic Italian sauce from a family with a rich history. This sauce did not disappoint. I added delicious Italian sausage and spices to my taste; but it was not needed. This sauce makes you want seconds and thirds. Great job Campana family!

Celina Bigio

Time to stock up!

I grew up in Lorain, Ohio where this Spaghetti Sauce comes from and it is hands down the best!!! We recently tried Campana’s Hot Wing Sauce Outstanding!!!

Mark Ballard

Quick and Easy Meat Lasagna

Our family absolutely loves the Campana Family Sauces. I have made Hot wings. spaghetti and rigatoni using these sauces in the past few weeks! Very fresh and great flavor! I highly recommend everyone try these sauces! Thanks Scotti C. Campana for bringing this authentic Italian sauce to our table!

Mandy Brown Bixler

I don't make my own pizza sauce...

The sauce is amazing. And the wing sauce. Wow. Loved them both.

John Bucher