Meet Campanas

In Italy, sauce is an art form, with secret recipes passed generation to generation. 


Family Tradition

Campana’s story begins from a very small town called Barrea in a northern mountain region of Italy. They came to America for a better life and to live the American Dream. Their story, and the family they created is something that you would see in a movie. They had 5 children, started a Market, then an Italian Cafe and Bar named Campanas Cafe. These recipes are from my grandmother and that small Italian Cafe that people have frequented and enjoyed for over 6 decades. These products are premier and very high end, real traditional Italian recipes.. 

Grandma Nicole's Recipe

They made their footprint in their new home, an Italian neighborhood that opened in 1926. It had a cozy hometown presence at 1850 Washington Avenue in Lorain, Ohio. Thomas Campana proudly laid the foundation for his wife Maria Nicole and the future of their five children. They served what they knew, Italian food! There was Wedding Soup, Garlic Soup, Pasta, Pizza, Calzones, Sausage & Peppers and the best Italian cheeseburger in town when they magically added fresh salami and provolone cheese to their burgers!

Grandma's way is still the best way.

Thomas Campana was a Carabinieri which is a Police Officer in Italy. He received two Carnegie Medals of Honor for his bravery. Once for saving people in a village near his hometown from an earthquake. He was moved to Rome to head security for a college and he received his second Carnegie Medal of Honor in his efforts of saving college students from a fire. His next position given to him was by King Umberto, becoming a bodyguard and nanny for his son, Prince Umberto for six years of his life in Rome at the Palace. The political climate in Italy was changing rapidly and he heard that there were good opportunities in America, in a town called Lorain, Ohio. Eventually looking for a safer environment for his family and aspiring to live the “American Dream,”